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We are very fortunate at Joggy Doggy to not only have enthusiastic, lovely four legged clients but their two legged owners are rather marvellous too.  Here is some of the recent feedback we have received:


"Dottie obvioulsy loves her runs and I've noticed how large her muscles in her thighs are now!  It's so good for her and me - knowing that she's having fun and getting exercise makes my life much easier.  Thank you so much for looking after her so fantastically.  I really do appreciate it."


"Thank you!  He is very calm this evening which makes a nice change and clearly had a good time."


"The 5.2 miles today is just brilliant thank you."


"I think they really enjoyed themselves - barely moved for the rest of the day!"


"Thanks so much for today - I think he wants to live with you!"


"I was really impressed by your professionalism during the regsitration meeting - with the uniform, insurance and contract and the informaiton on car crates."


"Thank you for coming round last night and for taking on Harley.  He is just going to love his time with you both.  The mileage and venues sound great."


"Thank you Jenny, Tipper suitably cream crackered !!!"


"Thank you so much Jenny.  You have been a great help this week and I will certainly ask you again!""


"Thank you for your help and professionalism."


"And an enormous thank you to you, I can not tell you what piece of mind I have knowing she is off out having fun with you, so grateful for all you do."


"As ever your mix of professionalism and personal touch is just right.  We would not be as relaxed and happy if it wasn't for all the effort and hard work you do.  Joggy Doggy rocks!"


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